Any condition

We buy houses in as-is condition, in any area, any price range. Avoid cleaning time or costly repairs. We will make our best offer on distressed homes, even code violations.


Any situation

Foreclosure, probate? Our attorneys will work hard to halt the process and negotiate on your behalf, at no charge. Divorce, job relocation, downsizing, retiring? Need to sell fast or need time? No problem. We are flexible.


Efficient and Reliable

Cash Investor Florida team has the combined experience of over 50 years, hundreds of deals, and many, many happy customers. Our attorneys are available to successfully handle complex transactions. There is no obligation and we are available 24/7.


We help local Home Owners sell their homes fast and for a fair price.

Need to sell your house?

Avoid marketing hurdles, expensive commissions, strangers in your home.
Let us make you an offer, and close within days.
There is no obligation, no hassle and absolutely no closing costs.
We handle all the details, so you can handle your life.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Got questions? We have got the best answers for you.

    Why do hundreds of local homeowners choose to work with us?

    Close Really FAST and on the date of your choice!
    Get a CASH ADVANCE before closing!
    Sell “As-Is” – No repairs or clean-out necessary!
    We are flexible and creative. We can help with ANY situation!
    We can help you relocate and pay for your moving costs!
    Peace of Mind – “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau!
    We are not a one man show. We have a dedicated team of local experts that work hard to make it a hassle free and professional selling experience!

    What if you buy Damaged houses?

    Many property had we purchase are to be restored.
    Some are in need of small works, others require a great deal of work, where you have to “stand out” all the problems of the construction.
    If your house needs renovations and do not want to spend money and / or time, then we are the right choice.

    How to avoid Foreclosure?

    The foreclosure fees are reaching record highs, there are many people in this situation.
    Whether you have a foreclosure in the bank or a tax foreclosure, we will help you in buying and / or negotiate your property quickly and easily. Contact us to learn how we can help.

    What if Inherited and/or Probate Houses?

    We have been buying inherited properties in South Florida for many years. Some properties need to go thru Probate and some don’t. If you inherited a property and Probate needs to be done, we can handle and pay for the Probate.
    We have lawyers who deal precisely with this in a fast and economical.

    What if the property has Liens / Violations?

    Some of the properties we buy have code violations, open or expired permits, city liens + fines, water liens, unsafe structure violations, demolition orders and other title problems.
    These issues may discourage buyers / investors, but with us and our experience in the field will have no problem.

    Looking for a creative solution?

    Our combined team of professionals with years of experience in real estate, making some deals work, requires creative thinking and solution finding. Whatever your situation, we will be able to help you.

    Feel free to call or drop us an email. We are available 24/7, happy to answer any questions.
    (305) 521-8771

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