Mistakes to avoid when selling your own home

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Selling your precious castle is an emotionally turbulent experience, I have seen many home owners stressed and teary eyed when it comes to sell their home. Sometimes people strongly feel ‘sellers remorse’ when they are preparing their house for sale. A worst & biggest emotion by far for all home sellers is anger and frustration because they do not seem mentally prepare for this situation.

There might be certain reasons of selling your house, sometimes you need to upgrade because you have extended the family, or sometimes you might experience financial frustrations or hardships and you feel selling home is an only hope you have got. So no matter whatever the reasons are, everyone wants to sell their home quickly as soon as they can. Depending upon one of those several reasons, first ever thing comes in sellers mind is how to make profitable deals and avoid those costly and bad mistakes which can prove a huge troubles in future.

So I have rounded up few mistakes to avoid that will definitely help you in collecting thousands for your valuable place.

Not hiring professional expertise: Sheer madness

Selling a house according to today’s market trend is a real hard work. That’s why many sellers try to sell their home their self or consider hiring multiple agents which is definitely unsuitable and highly expensive as well. The best way which leads to profitable dealing is to hire a real estate investor for selling your house quickly. That’s how you can get a chance to work with professionals who fulfill their responsibilities without any obligations, but when you try to sell your home yourself, you will often end up with desperation and disappointment.

Over pricing or under pricing: Money losing mistake

This is definitely a big money losing mistake you would commit while selling your property. Home buyers understand how much heart & energy you have put into your home, but they will never understand your emotional attachment that you are feeling for your house. So hanging of wrong price tag will surely get you nowhere, and at the end buyers won’t consider it for even a single second. On the other side, low pricing would also damage the reputation of your house and can create ill effects. Here are few important points to consider while hanging price tag:

  • Understanding of good market trends
  • Preparation according to latest housing demands
  • Comparable housing sales
  • Location & condition of house

Refusing to discard junk: getting rid of all ‘stuffs’

This is another important factor to consider which almost kills your deal. You need to create a spaciousness sense throughout the area, from dirty countertops to overstuffed shelves & closets. Apply some least expensive developments to de-clutter the entire area and decorate it decently which double the effect of respectable and decorous place.

Overlooking exorbitant charges at closing time:

A bad habit of home sellers is to throw thousands of dollars by not confirming the expenses and price lists long before closing date. So if you are working with real estate agents, you need to make sure that you have estimated the closing costs before handing over the keys to buyers.

Using funky & vibrant photos:

‘I don’t trust words; I trust actions’ a wonderful quote associated with your actions. When you show your home to buyers, they don’t only observe that empty house and walls, but they also judge the inside embellishments you have made. You are required to immediately worn out those funky photos which make your personality somewhat low graded, because these pictures speaks about you and your mind, and portray your personality either positively or negatively. So try to apply beautiful wallpapers and purposeful paintings which enhance the curb appeal of your house and attract buyers.

Bottom line:

With a little bit of inventiveness & creativity, there is no end of possibilities. If you market perfectly, remove aggressiveness and avoid some common mistakes then definitely you will sell your house in no time. You won’t get another chance to make a beautiful first impression of your house, so nail the first close up of your home and mark the perfect portrayal. Good luck!

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